Georgi Kapchits

Georgi Kapchits


     Nin maqan tebiddii waa nin jooga ceebtii!



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This work deals with focus-making in Somali. The so-called sentence particles waa, baa (ayaa) and waxaa realize in almost every independent affirmative sentence of this East-Cushitic language different types of focus. The author investigates this problem in two interrelated aspects: synchrony (on the material of non-clichйized sentences) and diachrony (on the material of proverbial structures). Particular consideration is given to proverbs in the Present Comparative, Past Independent and other archaic tenses, which do not co-occur with sentence particles. The book is meant for linguists and paremiologists, that is researchers in the field of proverbs, sayings and other types of folk clichй.

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